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Welcome to the Westerly Owners' Association web site

This site is for members of the WOA, owners, prospective owners and past owners of Westerly yachts; in fact anyone with an interest in them.

Discounts and services for members are found by going to 'Notice Board' and 'Suppliers' in the 'Members  Only' area. Your new membership card details may be required to take advantage of these offers.

Special Southampton Boatshow Offer starts on 12th September: For new members, join after 12th Sept. and get the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 for the price of 1 years subscription.

'Approaching an iceberg with care' by Bob Shepton, winner of the 2013 WOA Photographic Competition


29 Aug 2014  
Five new South West Group reports
29 Aug 2014  
South Coast Group report on Rally at Sparkes Marina
29 Aug 2014  
Details of East Coast Group AGM and Laying Up Lunch
22 Aug 2014  
Reduced Price Tickets for WOA members at the Southampton International Boat Show
20 Aug 2014  
A short report on the Ireland Group Cruise
20 Aug 2014  
New date for the Scotland Group AGM
20 Aug 2014  
WOA meeting in the North East!
03 Aug 2014  
South Coast Group report of Mid week sail to Cowes
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