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Westerly Warwick Centaur here: [[Westerly Brochures]]
Westerly Centaur Brochure here: [[Westerly Brochures]]
[http://www.westerly-owners.co.uk/westerlywiki/images/f/f6/CENTAUR_PURCHASE_ADVICE.pdf Paul Shave's article Buying a Centaur]
Thinking of buying a Centaur ? Find all you need to know here: [http://www.westerly-owners.co.uk/westerlywiki/images/f/f6/CENTAUR_PURCHASE_ADVICE.pdf Paul Shave's article Buying a Centaur]

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First shown at the 1969 London Boat Show the Centaur production run reached 2,440 before the design was evolved into the Griffon in 1980. A variety of engines were origianally fitted with the 23HP Volvo MDIIB and MDIIC being the most popular.

Centaur Statistics

Designer: Laurent Giles CR 1871 Flora, a 1977 Centaur entering Queenborough in June 2011 on a WOA East Coast Group Meet
Keel: Twin
Cockpit: Aft
LOA (feet): 26' 0"
LWL (feet): 21' 4"
Beam (feet): 8' 5"
Draft (feet): 3' 0"
Centaur Keel Width: Width at leading edge 78",

Width at trailing edge 83",

Length 64"

Displacement (lb): 6,700
Ballast (lb): 2,800
Berths: layout A: 6; layout B: 5; layout C: 4
Heads: 1
Rig: Sloop/Ketch (probably < 20 Ketch)
Fuel (ltr): 45
Main (sq. feet): 161
No. 1 Genoa (sq. feet): 223
No 1 Jib (sq. feet): 133
Sail ID: CR
Water (ltr): 67
Built: 1969 - 1980
Number Built: 2444

Westerly Centaur Brochure here: Westerly Brochures

Thinking of buying a Centaur ? Find all you need to know here: Paul Shave's article Buying a Centaur

The Centaur Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to the Centaur Story can be found on the Westerly Owners Association website here

Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades

Fitting a Quick Genius 12v windlass to a Centaur

Centaur Sink

Centaur Main Cabin Wall Cupboards

DIY cockpit seating teak substitute

Centaur Cutless Bearing Removal and Replacement

Removing the Propeller Shaft


Centaur Manual

PBO Centaur Article PBO No 354 June 1996 (Available as a reprint)

PBO Centaur Ketch Article PBO No 403 July 2000 (Available as a reprint)

Laurent Giles Archive - Plans for the Centaur

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